Lost Dutchman
Did you know that scorpions glow under UV light? It's proof of their sins.

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Have you checked out Sumo Spin yet? The playable beta's up on our Itch.io page right now and we're moving onto the next phase of development- mobile release! As we prepare to launch on Android and then iOS, we have to make some tweaks. One of the really cool things about mobile Sumo Spin is that you still play with a second player on a single device. One of the bigger facets we've been perfecting for mobile is a textless tutorial. We wanted to support the widest number of players possible since we plan to release internationally and goin' textless was our solution to that. We're also still researching how best to include ads that aren't annoying or sleazy and/or other possibly ways to monetize the game in ways that don't interefere with the player experience. Also! We are still actively seeking playtesters! If you want to check out our game and give us all your opinions, sign up for our email updates and we'll reach out to you!

Pen & Paper

So one of many things we thought about after the completion of The Wyrd of Stromgard was making our own stand alone TTRPG that took inspiration from multiple narrative-focused, accessible gamestyles. So for the last while, we've been knee deep prototyping high level concepts and themes, seeing what's compelling and what isn't. We've also been doing a lot of brainstorming in general, making indexes of our favorite mechanics and the way they drive play and narrative. We're also wrapping up our supplemental works. Dreadful: Coven (releasing Halloween 2021) is our last planned entry in that series. This volume is all about witch lore and legends and the creep factor is quite high. Monster Roster is also wrapping up and this last volume will be featuring deep sea horrors (and boy there's a lot to choose from).

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