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We would all like to believe that we know how to run a business.

What's the Deal

We like games. We like making games. We also like making neat apps that are good at what they do. We like designing things that make sense, that are fun, and accessible. We started this company so that we can make a living doing what we like to do. Now, we just have to convince you to check out what we make and convince you through sound rhetoric that you like it. And then we won't have to go back to working for 'the man'-- that mysterious, evil force that most of the world has to give their health and sanity to in exchange for a paycheck. So please buy our stuff, you're our only hope.


We believe in strong, centralized mechanics that are interesting and intuitive. We believe in single solution, easy-to-use software. We believe horses have a secret society that controls the car manufacturing industry. We want to make games we would enjoy playing and software we would enjoy using. We want to tell you all about our favorite games and argue with you relentlessly when you disagree with our extremely objective and well-reasoned opinions!


Look, we really like games. Maybe you picked up on that. So much that we found programming them was taking so long that we started making tabletop RPG content on the side. If we're going to bother making them anyway we might as well try to sell them to you, that's what non-gmo capitalism is all about, right? We like easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn RPG rulesets that prioritize player based narrative and free-range role playing. We have some free ones, so why not try them out? It's not like there's some kind of secret message in the text that will forcibly compel you to spend all your money on our stuff... We should really look into how to do that.

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