Nice Bowling is a quirky bowling game that is 100% committed to its aesthetic and provides a variety of different random effects that make gameplay a different experience each time.

Modeled after the late 80's, early 90's obsession with chrome and neon, Nice Bowling's unique look and retro/chillwave soundtrack will really bring you back. Gameplay is simple and clean, with a natural, responsive feel that tests your bowling prowess in a lighthearted environment. Nice Bowling really shines in its 'added effect' playstyle. Random events can trigger on any frame of play to a huge variety of outcomes- good luck bowling with a beach ball, a jelly blob, or a bouncy ball. Sometimes fish rain from the sky and block the lane. Sometimes there will be obstacles or ramps in your path. Nice Bowling will be available on PC and mobile soon!.



Check out some work-in-progress vids



I hope you like neon and chrome



Tasty jams



Updates on Development

Kickstarter Successfully Funded!

Stromgard's Moving into Production!

The Wyrd of Stromgard Kickstarter is Ending!

There's less than 3 days left!

The Wyrd of Stromgard is HERE

The Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, Nov 13

Nice Bowling is coming to mobile!

Nice Bowling

Easing Accessibility

Our first real color test for folks of varying color blindness!

We may have done something clever...

Necessity is the mother of invention, after all

More neon! More chrome!

Making Nice Bowling even Nicer

A project lander for Nice Bowling

Finally, Nice Bowling has a dedicated site lander!