In Norse lore, saying something out loud was to give it form, meaning, and power. That's why fate was often called a "wyrd". The Wyrd of Stromgard is just that- the power to shape heroic tales amidst chaos, violence, and magic.

Built on the Dungeon World ruleset and made from equal parts literature, lore, and legend, Stromgard is a broad world of magic and titanic threats, gods, monsters, and oracles. Above all, it is a rich expansion setting that includes everything you need to run epic Norse campaigns

Historical Context


While much of Norse lore has been lost, historical context adds framework to make Stromgard feel real and believable.



A huge setting of mythical races, worlds, and societies- detailed and intricate but fully customizeable to any game group or playstyle.



10 unique playbooks based on epic figures and archetypes from Norse legend + 7 specialized compendium classes.



Illustrated Monster Manual with stats, narrative examples, and in-depth behavioral background

GM's Toolbox

GM Toolbox

An in-depth look at GM 'best practices', strategies, and content tables to make your life easier.

Adventure Front


Also included is a HUGE 4 part Adventure that pits your part against the forces of Ragnarok itself!

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